Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deborah 13: Servant of God

Late last year I posted a video on YouTube called "How to Make Your Child a False Convert". What you will see if you watch this video is an evangelistic invitation in which a pastor invites a room full of children to become Christians without explaining sin, Christ's atoning work on the cross, His death, or His resurrection. She simply has the children repeat an impotent prayer after which she popishly pronounces them saved.

For the most part the majority of the responses to the video were positive. I did however receive my fair share of negative commentary. Most of the negative comments revolved around a singular complaint; namely, that the speaker was addressing the audience at a level of their understanding. Therefore, my criticisms were unwarranted.

well considering she is talking to children and its really up to the parents to teach about God and salvation , I don't see any thing wrong in the video.pretty tame actually and sounded ok.

This is for kids remember. She just talks to them in a language they understand!!Give it a rest whith those stupid comments!!!


In response to the video I wrote an article which I entitled "How To Not Make Your Child a False Convert". In it I argued that children are much brighter and have a much greater capacity to understand than we give them credit. I contended that while we should use age appropriate language when proselytizing children we should not remove those essential elements that actually make the Gospel good news. The children can get it!

Consider Deborah Drapper. Deborah was saved at 6 years old and is now 13. Watch this short biography on Deborah and you decide if you think that this young girl has the mental capability to understand the doctrines of Salvation.

To view the full length video please hit the following link: Deborah13:Servant of God


Sam said...

Both my wife and I have been so blessed by the testimony of Deborah! As parents of twin girls aged 5 years old, it is our prayer that the girls will grow up in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The one word answer her father gave when questioned about what they were training the kids for... "Eternity"... really says it all! To hell with the trinkets of this fallen age! To hell with nice homes, new cars and high paying jobs - the vain things that promise nothing but the false eternal! We are being trained for eternity! We are to train our kids for eternity!

JenT said...

Where were you able to get the documentary? I've seen it twice, showed it to my husband, and let my kids watch it today. It's awesome! I wish we could get a copy of it on dvd. I'd love to show it to some people who don't have internet access.

Joshua Elsom said...

I don't know where you could get a copy. You might visit Deborah Drapper's blog and ask her.