Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God Is My Provider

This post is a little different than those which I have written in the past because it will expose some information that I would normally consider private. However, I believe what God has miraculously done in these recent days will far outweigh what small amount of humiliation I may experience in revealing my fallibility. I pray that this, the story of my past mistakes and God's restorative work, will serve as both a lesson and a blessing to you.

God has been working aggressively over the last 5 years to tear down the idols in my life. Many of these gods were quite visible and took center stage on the mantle, while others were tossed in the dark recesses of the closet. One by one they have fallen. Two weeks ago God completely destroyed the largest of my asherah poles. His name was Mammon.

Mammon manifest himself in a number of ways; the nicest television I could afford, the most impressive surround sound I could get my hands on, an overpriced home, a hot rod Mustang, and on and on. I was always hot on the tails of the Joneses.

What God revealed to me about this god in these last weeks was that he was a god of materialistic pursuit; a lifestyle of having, getting and pride. One of the problems associated with serving a god like mammon is that one's sins are not confined to the obeisance one pays him. He requires more time at work and less time at home. He demands that one gets more and give little back (even to God).

This was the god that my God began to expose this last year and fully destroyed two weeks ago.

The following video contains the short story of how God through the working of His Holy Spirit transformed my heart and redeemed what was lost.

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