Friday, September 13, 2013

The Spirits Never Loved Us

Watch this video of the Hewa people and ask yourself how different their culture is from our own.

Our view of the world is significantly more developed in the industrialized West, so our response to threats appears to us, to be more rational and more civilized than the Hewa's. But our reaction to superstition and to perceived threats from others are little different. Kill the thing that keeps you from indulging your base desires. Justify your existence by attacking the thing that threatens your heart's idols. We may not go so far as to run anyone through with a spear, but we certainly waste no time assassinating our neighbor's character, or bullying those with whom we have a disagreement.

The reaction is the same, but so too is the Solution. True freedom is only found in the identity of a God who loves you.

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Melissa Canchola said...

Pretty amazing, may the all come to salvation, in Jesus Name. :)