Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Illusion of Time: God's Sovereignty Revealed

According to modern physicists the future has already been written; it is just as real as the past once was and just as real as the present now is; it is immutable and set.  If this is true, then Who might we think is responsible for writing the storyline that is captured in space-time?

Who knows the end from the beginning?  Who knows the future and writes it as if it were history?  Who has chosen a people unto Himself before the world was made?

The Knowledge of God by A.W. Pink


Rabbi3000 said...

Please view this video with Dr. Stephen Meyer about the same subject. Then post it if you wish. It is more theologically sound.

Joshua Elsom said...

Certainly more theological than NOVA. I think the God hypothesis might just be correct. Thanks for sharing!