Monday, October 25, 2010

The Missional Church...Simple.


OJ said...

Yes, I like this Josh. Great video. A very important paradigm shift. The key point after this is discipleship. We must recognize what empowers the people who desire to be missional is the transformational power of the gospel. When being missional becomes legalism, you have a dead witness. We want new creations who are bold in their witness because of the greatness of their transformation. That's where the message of freedom and a lifestyle of repentance come in. Discipleship and transformed minds and lives makes the missional church model a lot more ... fun!!!

Joshua Elsom said...

OJ - I totally agree and I would argue that the best discipleship happens in the context of community on mission. Most people consider discipleship a class or an event. Jesus certainly did not present it that way did He? It was not one on one, it was life on life.

So good to hear from you! Miss you friend.