Monday, January 5, 2009

Joseph: The Shadow of Messiah

In the entries to follow this brief article I will be writing about the amazing story of Joseph, son of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I will be focusing my study on the specific typology that we see in the account of Joseph's life and how it applies prophetically to the Savior; both what has been fulfilled and what is yet to be fulfilled in the life of Messiah Jesus.

I want to lay a quick foundation before digging into this story and this may require a brief review or explanation of what a type is. Simply put a type, or typology, is an interpretive practice of taking a person, thing or an event and defining it as symbolically representative of something yet future. So we can look at people, things or events in the Old Testament and see that they are prophetically symbolic of people, things or events fulfilled in the New Testament, or even in our future. For an example of this please read my article on Noah.

I pray that this short series of articles will be as much a blessing to you as the study of this story has been for me. For many, the striking similarities between the lives of Joseph and Jesus will be new and exciting. For the rest of you who are familiar with these amazing parallels, well I hope to surprise you. Many would suggest that all has been fulfilled in the shadows of Joseph's life. I simply ask that you stick around and see what treasures may have been left on the ground and are ready to be gleaned.


Sam said...

Looking forward to the first installment :)

Unknown said...

Couldn't we say that these "types" are actual prophecies, manifested in humans, concerning Jesus? More than just symbolic representations? Like Moses is a prophetic prespective on Jesus as deliverer?

Work in Progress said...

I too wait in eager anticipation.

Joshua Elsom said...

For those of you who have shown interest in this study and are waiting for the next is coming. I promise. I have been very busy.

Be blessed,